Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Campaign Begins!!!

It has certainly been a process getting to this point in my life, but that is what life is all about...the process. The short version of why I have decided to run for City Council is because I love this city. I was born and raised here, I have spent the majority of my life here, and I plan on living out the rest of my days here. That is why I feel it is my duty to participate in what ever way possible to help shape the future of this city. If you have a moment today just look around the city, look up at the hills, and the beautiful surroundings. Even better if you are Downtown go up on top of the Palm parking structure and look toward the coast. It is breathtaking! Say hello to a stranger and see how friendly their response is. Our town is amazing! But I also know we can continue that evolution. Cities, just as business, have to be constantly tended to. Allowing room for new ideas and better ways of efficiency. Breaking down silo's and finding ways to work together for the greater good of SLO's future is a major goal of mine. Obviously we cannot be everything to everyone, but we can always work toward greater unity. Over the next 4 years we as a community are going to be confronted with some very important decisions. It is these decisions that will shape San Luis Obispo. I want SLO to continue to be the great place it has been throughout my lifetime. A city where neighborhoods have multi-generational engagement. A city that focuses on collaboration to find solutions. A city where a young professional is able to raise their family. As wonderful a place as this is, that prospect is becoming less and less of a reality. It does not have to be...

Stay tuned for future updates!

Aaron Gomez

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